Sometimes sounds very terrifying no!

We all always want to be away from any sort of complications in our life but still many a times we do have to face it.

Now,in this situation of facing complications many of us loose hope and bend down in front of our difficulties while many of us decide to fight with our difficulties and sometimes, some of us bring a great change in this world.

During the times of our complications, many a times we find everything going opposite to us, even many a times many people who first used to claim as our friends or well wishers, leaves us at the time of our complications. So,this period of complications also serves as the period to recognise our real well wishers.

I also strongly feel that complications always comes in our life to teach us something,it comes in our life to make us discover ourselves which many a times we cannot do in normal situation & complications comes in our life to make us stronger and to give us a new confidence and aim in our life.

So,I will like to suggest you to celebrate your times of complications and face it firmly and boldly rather than being underconfident and loosing hope at this time.

After all ! it is your time to become more stronger and to test your aptitude and know who really are you?

This post is a response to the daily prompt of ‘The Daily Post’ i.e. Complication


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